Thursday, 7 June 2018


the story of matariki
this week we have been learning about matariki because its nearly matariki.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

introduction to decimals

introduction to decimals
week6 term2
this week room 5 maths class were learning about decimals

Thursday, 17 May 2018

adding and subtracting fractions

walt: add and subtract fraction
this week for maths we have been learning to subtract and add fractions
on this presentaition i worked with eve , hazel , tereapii , pilinilose and glennes

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Have you heard about poverty?
have you wondered how many impoverished people there are?
There are at least 80% of  people worldwide than live on less than $10 a day.
More than 80 percent of the world's population lives in countries. 1 billion children worldwide
are living in poverty. According to UNICEF 22000 children die each day due to poverty.
Poverty is caused by not having enough money it is affecting their lives.

have ever thought of how you can help the poor well here a some ideas and
ways to help
Fundraising if you really want to help you could fundraise . you could fundraise sell stuff
you don’t use any like toys when you start to grow a bit older your toys start to get older so you wouldn’t actually want to play with it so you could sell it but if it’s something you have had ever since you were little and gives you any memories i recommend you don’t sell it unless you want are 3 other fundraising ideas you could do IDEA 1 a bake sale You can’t beat a good old fashioned bake sale. Ask people to buy some  sweet treats you could also sell them at school if you were allowed to. Idea 2 Sausage sizzle A Kiwi favourite, you can’t beat a sausage sizzle am i right or am i right right anyway here's my 3rd idea a garage sale clear out your wardrobe and take out all the clothes you don’t need any more and take out all the other stuff u don’t wanna use anymore and that's some of the fundraising ideas i have so far hoped you liked them

Saturday, 14 April 2018

generation X

here is a late blog post from literacy i didn't get to post yet from term 1
for this task i had to work with a buddy and my buddy was venice my friend
we had to try and make a advertisement about shoes we just made up.
the shoes we made up was called generation X.


today i have posted my picnic poster i did for the chocolate challenge in
literacy because i didn't get to post it in term 1


FOOT LOCKER Today i finished of one of my work from term 1
that i didn't get to finish

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Last post for Term 1

today is the last day of school for term 1 also it is fia fia.
i have really enjoyed term 1 and i am also excited for term 2.
my favorite highlight of this term was fia fia and if you want to read about
its right below here . and also i think i might be blogging some work i didn't get to finish this term


MATHS FIOP T1W6   fiop finish it of properly

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My role model

today in room 4 writting/reading we did a presentation about our role models

Monday, 9 April 2018

World problem 1

last week room 5 maths been learning to solve word problems and illustrate the word problems with images

chocolate challenge

On the outside of a Moro bar it has hard
chocolate but in the inside of the bar it is soft with
caramel and it is made in New zealand and also
Australia. We will stop people from buying moro
by telling them they have a lot of fat and sugar.  

Crunchy is my least favorite because it is the
hardest bar and it has lots of chocolate and I think it's the
less healthiest on this list

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Angles Angels Angels Part 2

WALT: Identify how many degrees in various angles and lines
last week in maths we have been learning about Right angles

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Angles angles angles!# poster

Acute angles.. Right angles.. Obtuse angles.. Straight.. Reflex angles.. And full rotation
ASK: Create a poster you can use to teach someone in Year 4 about angles. Remember to include:

  1. The name of angle
  2. A picture of what it looks like
  3. A description of the angle
  4. Your understanding of angles so far.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude presentation

do you know what animal you are?
what animal brings out your personality and attitude
you can be a otter , lion , golden retriever and bever
if you want to know what animal u r u can do the attitude personality test
when i did the attitude personality test i was an otter.

Golden retriever:is always caring , is an peacemaker
and can’t say no because they are so kind

Otter: an funny / class clown and entertainer otters
can get bored easily and they don’t take anything seriously.

Lion: director are leaders , alway have everything
their way and can be bossy

Bever: are Facilitator positive beavers are
always focused on work and always get it finished.
bever’s mostly never have enough time to have fun
because they are always busy on their homework

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

3D shapes

Today in room 5 math we have been learning about 3D shapes and we have also learnt how to match up 3D shapes. for this task we had to be in groups of three and in my group was Tereapii (Apii) and Eva

Monday, 19 March 2018

Why it’s good to watch movies during class

Why it’s good to watch movies during class

Movies can inspire you to be a better person. Movies have a major effect on real life
if we realize it or not. Watching a movie can inspire you to make positive changes in your
life even if it’s only a small change! Movies can actually make you smarter but obviously it
depends on what movie you watch but a good documentary or interesting and enjoyable
way than a dry old textbook also
Movies can also make you more emotional and  emotionally intelligent too.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Facts about litter and more

  today room 4 has been
learning about litter and what we can do for our environment

Kaitiakitanga i ngā wā katoa - Our environment

Focus question
What can we do to limit the amount of litter at Pt England?

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Term 1 Week 5 Word promblems Maths

this week room 5 maths has been learning about division and multiplication
in word problems.
WALT: Word problems - explain my answers using the context of the question 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Kahwai by Paul Mason

this week room 4 literacy has been reading about kahawai. We learnt how to use reciprocal reading strategies.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Why you need to save up money and how you can save up money

task description:today room 4 has been learning and writting about why we save up money and howWALT: follow the structure of an explanation

You need to save up money to prepare for the future also to pay for things like bills and

You can save up money by going to pak n save and don’t waste money on buying
things you don’t need just buy the things you need and look for good deals.
You can also save up money by having a garage sale and selling stuff you don’t need
anymore instead of throwing it out .also You can do chores around the house to earn money  don’t waste
money on little toys and junk.Keep all of your money together in a piggy bank or a
savings account at the bank If you put money in a savings account the bank give you
interest - it’s not much but it is money and that is why you need to save money and that’s
how you can save up money.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy valentines day everyone

happy valentines day everyone

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14

about valentines day :
Image result for heart
history of valentines day:
The ancient Romans may also be responsible for the name of our modern day of love. Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day.

The day gets its name from a famous saint, but there are several stories of who he was. The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers

The Legend of St. Valentine. The history of Valentine's Day–and the story of its patron saint–is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

We do know that the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on the 15th of February. With the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th of February--the saint day that celebrated several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.

How glass bottles are recycled .

Friday, 9 February 2018

Active learning word art

Today in my literacy class we have been learning
about Active Learning and what it means to be a good learner. We made word art to share our ideas about active learning.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Introduction to Algrbra!

Walt: find the value in 'X'

task description: this week we have been learning about algebra to
find the value of 'X'.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day
Waitangi Day, named after Waitangi where the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed, commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealan

6 February

Waitangi Day is a public holiday held on 6 February every year to commemorate the signing of New Zealand's founding document - the Treaty of Waitangi.

in 1840.Waitangi Treaty Grounds is among New Zealand's most historic place. It can be seen at Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of islands, New Zealand.

The Waitangi Day Act 1960 declared 6 February to be Waitangi Day; a national day of thanksgiving in commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi

Monday, 29 January 2018



hey everyone unfortunately i have to stop blogging because school is about to start and i have to get all my school stuff ready .even though i didn't get to finish the summer learning journey activties i'll just be commenting on blogs.thank to racheal and her team and for all the people who left great comments also Shout out to Rachel for her hard work on this amazing SLJ website i really enjoyed blogging in the holidays and doing the SLJ activities and reading the great comments. i've really loved evrey single activity i've done i've   also really learned alot from the activitys  i've did thxs racheal . i'm really gonna miss blogging in the holidays:(   :)

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Day 3: Social Systems week 4 SLJS -summer learning journey- ctivity 1: Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP)

Day 3: Social Systems

Activity 1: Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP)

In 1996, New Zealand adopted the MMP voting system. In September of 2017 we had a national election. Everyone in New Zealand, over the age of 18, was invited to vote for who they wanted to form the next government in New Zealand. The race was really close and in the end, three different political parties (Labour, New Zealand First and the Green Party), came together to form the new government. It is called a ‘coalition government’ because it includes different people from different political parties.

Imagine that you had to form a coalition government with two other people.  Wh1o would you choose to partner with?

I would form a coalition with my son, Aronui, and with my friend, Amber. Aronui would be a great addition to the coalition because he is funny and kind. He would make us laugh and take care of us. Amber would be great because she is really smart and thoughtful. She is also good at making decisions. I think that we would form a great team. What about you? Who would you choose? Why?

I would form a coalition with my best friend hazel and my best friend laolao. Laolao would be a great addition to the coalition because she is really funny shes the funniest out of all my friends and shes very respectfull and helpful. hazel would be a great addition to the coalition because she is respectfull, kind and responsible .

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

WEEK 4 DAY 2 -SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY - 1 A Decade of Sport , 2 Sporting Heroes , bounus Shake it Off SLJ 2018

Day 2: A Decade of Sport

Activity 1: Chasing Great
Over the past 17 years New Zealand has experienced a number of sporting highlights, perhaps none larger than the back-to-back Rugby World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. In both competitions our national rugby team, the All Blacks, was captained by a man named Richie McCaw. He is arguably one of the best rugby players of all time. A movie called Chasing Great was recently created to document his incredible rugby career.

Please watch the trailer for Chasing Great and read about Richie McCaw online. On your blog tell us three things that you learned about Richie that you did not know beforehand. What else would you like to know about Richie?

1.Richard McCaw is captain of the All Blacks and is generally recognised as the world’s best openside flanker. His record as a player and as a captain is without precedent. He became the first All Black to reach 100 Tests in 2011 and by the end of the 2014 season, he had played 137 Tests (coming off the bench just six times), and was Captain in 100 Tests . McCaw reminded the world of his brilliance as a leader when he lifted the Webb Ellis Cup in 2011, battling through a troubling foot injury to claim rugby’s greatest prize.  

2. when he was little he always watched ruby like his eyes were glued to the tv.

3.31 december 1980
full name richard hugh mcaw

Richie McCaw. Richard Hugh McCaw ONZ (born 31 December 1980) is a New Zealand former rugby union player. He captained the national team, the All Blacks, in 110 out of his 148 test matches, and won two Rugby World Cups.

Activity 2: Sporting Heroes

In 2015, a kiwi golfer named Lydia Ko became the youngest woman in the world to reach the #1 ranking.  She was only 17 years old. Many people from here in New Zealand and overseas really admire her and think of her as a modern-day sporting hero. Who is your sporting hero? They can be a famous athlete, or even a member of your family or community. It’s completely up to you.

On your blog tell us about your sporting hero. Who are they? Why are they a hero? Include a photo of them in your blog post.

My sporting hero is Lisa Carrington. She is an incredible rower, and last year she was awarded the prestigious  Lonsdale Cup for her amazing results in 2016! She spends hours training, and I think her commitment to her sport is inspiring.

my sporting hero is lisa carrington to.
Lisa Carrington. i think  lisa carrington is an amazing rower and In June 2009 she won a bronze medal at the World Cup regatta held in SzegedLisa Carrington MNZM (born 23 June 1989) is a New Zealand flatwater canoer. She won gold in the Women's K-1 200 metres at the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Olympics, as well as gold in the same event at the 2011 Canoe Sprint World Championships

Bonus Activity: Shake it Off
In recent years, many New Zealanders have embraced a new form of exercise called Zumba©. It was developed by a man named Alberto Perez who lives in the country of Columbia. He created Zumba by bringing together many different dance styles including: cumbia, mambo, hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, tango, merengue and mambo.

            The Merengue                                      The Tango

Choose one of the dance styles mentioned above and click on the name to read more about it. Once you are done, post three interesting facts about the dance style on your blog. In which country did it originate? Who originally created it?  



The salsa came from cuba The land to many different Latin (spanish) dances and music styles.Salsa represents a mix of Latin musical genres, but its primary component is Cuban dance music. Salsa music is a popular dance music that initially arose in New York City during the1960s. Salsa is the product of various musical genres including Puerto Rican bomba and plena, the Cuban son montuno, guaracha, cha cha chá, mambo, and to a certain extent bolero.