Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Healthy sandwich

How to make a healthy sandwich

What you need: a knife, plate and a butter knife.

  • 2 slices of  bread
  • A Tomato
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 2 Slices of cheese
  • 2 pieces of lettuce
  • 1 teaspoon of  Mayo ( just a little)         
  • 2 slices of ham (30g)

  1. Put two slices of bread on a plate. Get your butter knife and spread butter on one slice of
bread then spread butter on the other slice.

2. Put two pieces of  lettuce on to a slice of bread than add the ham. You should have 30g
Or 2 slices of ham
3. Then get your tomato and slice it. You should then put two slices of tomato on your one
slice of bread.

4. Start to slice the cheese. After that’s done put 2 slices of cheese on your sandwich.

5. Now its time to use mayo. Grab a teaspoon and scoop some mayo in to it and put it on top
of the bread.

6. Last but not least put your other slice of bread on top and you are finished

Friday, 3 August 2018

HOW I MET MY best friends

Meeting my friends
HOW I MET MY Best friends
Since 2015 i’ve been friends with hazel and Since 2016 i’ve been friends with pilinilose
But then things changed in 2017 we have became the best of friends we pretty much
Were in the same class for everything so we became bffs.
But then i met two girls named laolao and vahoi they were  both new and a bit lonely and got mocked for the
Way they  looked and how they didn’t have a netbook so they were always on an imac. i really felt sad for them so i asked if they wanted to be friends with me and my friends they both  said “ok sure” so then we became friends.

When i introduced laolao and vahoi to my other friends hazel and pilimilose they didn’t want to be friends with laolao and vahoi pilinilose thought that they were mean and well ugly hazel thought that laolao looked like moana and vahoi was a bit to rough i told pilinilose off for saying that then i told them that “you guys  just need to get to know them more” “ok” hazel and pilinilose said. Days past and weeks hazel , laolao , pilinilose and vahoi became really good friends we all became bffs after that we met more new friends in 2018 venice and eva that’s when vahoi moved away.

We met venice when we had to make quotes in class she was all by herself drawing i came over to where she was sitting. i had a look at her art i thought wow she is really talented venice
Was really good at drawing so i told her about how great her drawing was but she just
Kept on denying what i was saying than i told her “if you want to you can sit with us” so she did and she became one our best friends. Now i am going to tell you how we met eva
It was time to move to our maths class everyone was looking for a seat and a table but there wasn’t that much tables so we sat with eva then we had to work with her then we started bonding  and that’s how we met eva .

i have more best friends and friends but if i write how i met all
Of them this story would get really  really boring anyway thank you for reading this
And if you want to know who my best friends are i’ll leave a picture of them and a link to
Their blog.               

eva on the left        hazel & lose

Monday, 30 July 2018

Delicious Description CADBURY

Cadburys chocolate

What flavor do you favor?
This delicious chocolate
Has been making everyone happy
since 1824 - 1930 because of it’s brilliant
taste and texture.

It tastes so delicious it’ll bring you hunger
for more, once you take a bite. If you take
another bite it just gets better and better you'll
 feel so delightful that you still want more.

The smell of  This brilliant chocolate is so
delightful just take A  piece and have little
sniff it makes you feel addictive to it.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Sustaining Ourselves

Sustaining Ourselves
We are learning to address the factors that can affect our wellbeing

Next to each of these scenarios write down which area of your
wellbeing is being affected - social/whanau, spiritual, mental/emotional or physical.
You might find that they affect mo\re than one area

  • Going for a run - physical

  • Playing a sports game with others-physical

  • Going to church, the marae, temple…- Social/whanau

  • Listening to your favourite music-Mental/emotional

  • Eating fresh fruit and vegetables-physical

  • Learning from a grandparent or caregiver-social/whanau

  • Taking part in a cultural club or activity-social/whanau

  • Getting enough sleep - physical

Imagine you are part of the following scenarios. Make a decision that will positively
impact on your wellbeing and note which aspect of your wellbeing is affected.

  1. You and your older brother have been given some money to buy food for you and your
  2. younger siblings for the next few days. You are tempted to buy take away, but you have to
  3. buy enough food for breakfast, lunch (for school/pre-school) and dinner for two days.
  4. hazel - So I have to get a job so I can buy all that  stuff that I have to get.
  5. Pilinilose - i do school first and then find a job that’s even hard for me or easy and work harder
  6. to get more money.

  1. You are having a really bad day and feel yourself getting angry and upset. You had a small argument with a friend earlier in the day, but you are now really angry at them. The bell will be ringing in ten minutes and you will have to sit next to this friend. What could you do?
  2. Hazel - I can go have a  drink of water then come back In and have a small chat with this
  3. friend.Pilinilose - i can just go for a walk to calm myself and have a deep breath and just forget
  4. it all about it.
  5. hilary-i would try and keep calm and sit then i would start talking nicely and say sorry or i would just ask my teacher if i could sit somewhere else or just forget about it

  1. You have just changed schools and are missing your old friend and activities.
  2. At your old school you played for the school rugby team, but you have not played sport here
  3. , except for in P.E.
  4. Hazel - I need to sign up for the rugby team but the team I use to play was cool but the
  5. team is really unplayable.Pilinilose - i like playing sports in my old school and we really have
  6. to work hard for the team so we can win.
  7. hilary-i would join rugby and try and make new friends

  1. You are Tongan, but your parents were born and grew up in New Zealand. They taught you English since you were born so that you would find New Zealand life easier, but they did not teach you much Tongan. At school you see other students speaking Tongan and participating in Tongan clubs and dancing. Although you feel happy in New Zealand, you wish you could connect to your Tongan roots. Eva-i can learn tongan because
  2. I have a tongan dad and heaps of tongan aunties so i can learn i can even learn a tongan
  3. dance from my
  4. Aunties because i know they have did heaps of tongan dances. And i can learn when i go
  5. over in the
  6. weekends.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Today is team 5’s inquiry expo
And we had inquiry groups that we having been working in for a
few weeks on project. In our group we had me (hilary) and me ( hazel) eva
and pilinilose but only me and hazel did mostly all the work well they were
playing around during class.

In our inquiry class We were all supposed to have a project our project was
gonna be a poster but hilary insisted to make a movie about isaac newton so
we made one but our project was a fail kind of i actually wasn’t really that
much of a fail

So when me and hilary and the others decided to make a movie we made a
movie of  Isaac newton's laws his main 3 laws.We made lots of mistake but
I was not in the movie  much.It’s really a good movie and exactly.

We did some following task and mistakes it took time doing work a lot of
time.But we manage to finish but something went wrong the computer didn’t
work so  we have try to do our movie on another computer.

We have made success on our movie,we put so much hard work on to it  but
It couldn’t because the imac couldn’t work properly so it couldn’t upload
We were a bit disappointed

But Next time we will do something else like  a water balloon and it will
blow up but it will splash everywhere but I think it’s going to work
.I will give a clue : It have  something you push so hard that’s your clue
for next time .

Thursday, 7 June 2018


the story of matariki
this week we have been learning about matariki because its nearly matariki.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

introduction to decimals

introduction to decimals
week6 term2
this week room 5 maths class were learning about decimals

Thursday, 17 May 2018

adding and subtracting fractions

walt: add and subtract fraction
this week for maths we have been learning to subtract and add fractions
on this presentaition i worked with eve , hazel , tereapii , pilinilose and glennes

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Have you heard about poverty?
have you wondered how many impoverished people there are?
There are at least 80% of  people worldwide than live on less than $10 a day.
More than 80 percent of the world's population lives in countries. 1 billion children worldwide
are living in poverty. According to UNICEF 22000 children die each day due to poverty.
Poverty is caused by not having enough money it is affecting their lives.

have ever thought of how you can help the poor well here a some ideas and
ways to help
Fundraising if you really want to help you could fundraise . you could fundraise sell stuff
you don’t use any like toys when you start to grow a bit older your toys start to get older so you wouldn’t actually want to play with it so you could sell it but if it’s something you have had ever since you were little and gives you any memories i recommend you don’t sell it unless you want are 3 other fundraising ideas you could do IDEA 1 a bake sale You can’t beat a good old fashioned bake sale. Ask people to buy some  sweet treats you could also sell them at school if you were allowed to. Idea 2 Sausage sizzle A Kiwi favourite, you can’t beat a sausage sizzle am i right or am i right right anyway here's my 3rd idea a garage sale clear out your wardrobe and take out all the clothes you don’t need any more and take out all the other stuff u don’t wanna use anymore and that's some of the fundraising ideas i have so far hoped you liked them

Saturday, 14 April 2018

generation X

here is a late blog post from literacy i didn't get to post yet from term 1
for this task i had to work with a buddy and my buddy was venice my friend
we had to try and make a advertisement about shoes we just made up.
the shoes we made up was called generation X.


today i have posted my picnic poster i did for the chocolate challenge in
literacy because i didn't get to post it in term 1


FOOT LOCKER Today i finished of one of my work from term 1
that i didn't get to finish

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Last post for Term 1

today is the last day of school for term 1 also it is fia fia.
i have really enjoyed term 1 and i am also excited for term 2.
my favorite highlight of this term was fia fia and if you want to read about
its right below here . and also i think i might be blogging some work i didn't get to finish this term


MATHS FIOP T1W6   fiop finish it of properly

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My role model

today in room 4 writting/reading we did a presentation about our role models

Monday, 9 April 2018

World problem 1

last week room 5 maths been learning to solve word problems and illustrate the word problems with images

chocolate challenge

On the outside of a Moro bar it has hard
chocolate but in the inside of the bar it is soft with
caramel and it is made in New zealand and also
Australia. We will stop people from buying moro
by telling them they have a lot of fat and sugar.  

Crunchy is my least favorite because it is the
hardest bar and it has lots of chocolate and I think it's the
less healthiest on this list

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Angles Angels Angels Part 2

WALT: Identify how many degrees in various angles and lines
last week in maths we have been learning about Right angles

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Angles angles angles!# poster

Acute angles.. Right angles.. Obtuse angles.. Straight.. Reflex angles.. And full rotation
ASK: Create a poster you can use to teach someone in Year 4 about angles. Remember to include:

  1. The name of angle
  2. A picture of what it looks like
  3. A description of the angle
  4. Your understanding of angles so far.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude presentation

do you know what animal you are?
what animal brings out your personality and attitude
you can be a otter , lion , golden retriever and bever
if you want to know what animal u r u can do the attitude personality test
when i did the attitude personality test i was an otter.

Golden retriever:is always caring , is an peacemaker
and can’t say no because they are so kind

Otter: an funny / class clown and entertainer otters
can get bored easily and they don’t take anything seriously.

Lion: director are leaders , alway have everything
their way and can be bossy

Bever: are Facilitator positive beavers are
always focused on work and always get it finished.
bever’s mostly never have enough time to have fun
because they are always busy on their homework

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

3D shapes

Today in room 5 math we have been learning about 3D shapes and we have also learnt how to match up 3D shapes. for this task we had to be in groups of three and in my group was Tereapii (Apii) and Eva

Monday, 19 March 2018

Why it’s good to watch movies during class

Why it’s good to watch movies during class

Movies can inspire you to be a better person. Movies have a major effect on real life
if we realize it or not. Watching a movie can inspire you to make positive changes in your
life even if it’s only a small change! Movies can actually make you smarter but obviously it
depends on what movie you watch but a good documentary or interesting and enjoyable
way than a dry old textbook also
Movies can also make you more emotional and  emotionally intelligent too.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Facts about litter and more

  today room 4 has been
learning about litter and what we can do for our environment

Kaitiakitanga i ngā wā katoa - Our environment

Focus question
What can we do to limit the amount of litter at Pt England?

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Term 1 Week 5 Word promblems Maths

this week room 5 maths has been learning about division and multiplication
in word problems.
WALT: Word problems - explain my answers using the context of the question 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Kahwai by Paul Mason

this week room 4 literacy has been reading about kahawai. We learnt how to use reciprocal reading strategies.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Why you need to save up money and how you can save up money

task description:today room 4 has been learning and writting about why we save up money and howWALT: follow the structure of an explanation

You need to save up money to prepare for the future also to pay for things like bills and

You can save up money by going to pak n save and don’t waste money on buying
things you don’t need just buy the things you need and look for good deals.
You can also save up money by having a garage sale and selling stuff you don’t need
anymore instead of throwing it out .also You can do chores around the house to earn money  don’t waste
money on little toys and junk.Keep all of your money together in a piggy bank or a
savings account at the bank If you put money in a savings account the bank give you
interest - it’s not much but it is money and that is why you need to save money and that’s
how you can save up money.