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Activity 1: Moana week 4 SLJ

Activity 1: Moana
In late 2016, the movie Moana was released by Disney. It’s a beautiful story about a young Polynesian girl from the fictional island of Motunui, who goes on a big adventure.

Watch the trailer for Moana and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. If you’ve seen the movie, you can include your favourite part! Tell us as much as you can about the movie. What is it about? Who are the main characters in the movie? What do they do in the movie? Where do they go?

Moana movie -

long time ago maui the demi god stole the heart of tefiti th heart of tefiti helps everything grow but now thats its gone every growing and living thing just gets worser and gets destroyed .till moana came
Moana is a Polynesian girl that lives with her family on an island of motunui her dad is the leader so she was next in line to become the new leader. so moana was training to be a new leader till one day they were husking the coconutsand inside of it was black so they began a new row of cocnut trees on the other side of the island then one day they realized that the food and the plants were not growing.

when moana was just a little girl she was chosen by the sea to find maui and return the heart of tefifti but she thought it was just a dream untill grandma told her it wasn't and that she was there when the sea gave moana the heart .then her grandma tala showed her canoes , waka and boats moanas grandma told her to play the drums mosns played the drums then she saw that along time ago that they were voyagers and she fond out why her father hid them so she ran to her father showed him the heart but he didnt belive her later on that night grandma tala got sick moana knew that her grama was gonna past away she was so sad she started to cry. grandma tala told her to return the heart of tefiti and find maui to help her take the heart back but moana said she can't because she wanted to stay with her grandma tala so tala gave her necklace to moana and she putted the heart of tefiti inside and said there is nowhere where u can go that i won't be. so moana ran and went to her home and packed some fruit and food her mum followed her and cryed but helped moana then they said goodbye moana got a conoe and she was on her way but she didn't know how to control it. TO BE CONTINUED

movie about:
An adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master way-finder. Together they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity.

my favorite part was when she found hei hei in her canoe and when she met maui.

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Thank You card to rachel

this presentation is about a thank you card to rachel and her team i was gonna post this after
i finished all my Holiday blogging but i wanted to post early. 

this presentation was made my me and my best friend hazel for rachel and her team. :-)

EMOJI challenge PART2

this presentaion is about an emoji challenge but part 2 
for this presentaion i invited my friends and we had to
try and remake the emojis hope you enjoy it and tell us who you did the best and who was the winner.

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blogging apology


sorry i haven't been blogging that much or late for summer learning journey
but now i'll try and keep up with all of work so far:)

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Week Four: Contemporary Kiwis this is a late post from SLJ summer learning journey

Week Four: Contemporary Kiwis

Welcome to Week Four, and the final five days of our journey! Over the past three weeks we have travelled across time and learned about what life was like in New Zealand in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have now reached the 21st Century and are ready to learn about modern life in New Zealand.

Cool Kiwi Fact #5: Sign language became the third official language of New Zealand (alongside Te Reo Māori and English) in 2006.

Day 1: Turn of the Century (2000-2010)

Activity 1:  Celebrating a Win

In 2000, the country of New Zealand celebrated when Russell Coutts and his sailing team won their second straight America’s Cup. This was the first time that a team from New Zealand had won back-to-back championships! Many people celebrated the victory with their friends and family.

On your blog, tell us what you and your family do to celebrate special events, such as birthdays. Do you have a special meal or go to a specific place? In our house, we usually make a pizza and bake a special cake. What about you?

on birthdays we mostly have it at restaurauts or at home but on big birthdays like if your turning 1 , 21 or 16 my family alwas has to get a hall and they always make sure its absolutely fantasitc then we invite or whole family and friends.

on christmas we always get our whole family together then we go to places then church then we all go back together home and open up our presents and play games.

Activity 2: Lord of the Rings
Arguably one of the most famous movie trilogies of all time, The Lord of the Rings, was filmed in New Zealand. All three movies were directed by a New Zealander named Peter Jackson. The first movie was released in 2001, the second in 2002 and the third in 2003. The movies cost an estimated $300 million to produce!  

Imagine that instead of spending the money on the movies, Peter Jackson decided to give all of this money to you. Lucky you! On your blog, tell us what you would do with $300 million dollars. How would you spend it? It is a lot of money so please think carefully about it and spend it wisely :-)

thanks alot peter jackson for $300 million dollars:-)

with the $300 million dollars i would like to help some people that have nothing have someting like food , water bottles and shelter

Bonus Activity: The Rise of the ‘Selfie’
Although most of you are quite familiar with the idea of taking a ‘selfie’ (picture of ourselves), this was not always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that people started talking about the idea of a selfie, taking selfies and posting them online.

In honour of the rise in popularity of the ‘selfie,’ take a selfie and post it on your blog. Try to show us at least one of your hobbies or one your favourite things (maybe a special toy or book). For example, here is a selfie of Hazel drinking a big mug of tea, and Rachel with her son, Aronui, attending a Paw Patrol show!

I Love to read

playing on my tablet