Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Argentina Empanadas

Argentina Empanadas -south america-Agentina
today in Rm 4 for inquiry we have been leanrning about south america.
we have are also trying Empanadas. Empanadas are an traditional dish from argentina.

Argentina Empanadas
the Empanada has a triangular shape and the outside of it has a goldeness & Ochre texture. 
it also has an crispy look but also looked like a dumpling.
the smell of it is a bit similar to a freshly baked sausage bun or a bakery pie and it also has a meaty and spicy scent. when i took a bite i could taste tomatoes and rasins. the flavor had a little spice which was nice and the pastery tasted like the smell. the flavor also had  a bit of a spanish taste because the spanish colonized. 

maybe you should have a try of Empanadas .
Adios .

Friday, 7 June 2019

Travel diary:north america

This week for inquiry we have
Been learning about north america and what languages

Were spoken there.

Task description: for this task i have had to put 2 intresting
facts about north america and choose a country from north america to make
a short summary about it.

information report about South korea

South korea 대한민국
South korea is the country that is south of korea and is east of the continent  asia.
The capital of korea is seoul and population is 51.47 million. The currency is south
korean won.

Music in Korea is well known as Kpop which is short for korean pop and has
been trending ever since the early 2000’s worldwide.
Kpop music is very important and popular in Korea it is a music genre full
Of rock , R&B , Hip Hop , pop and electronic music originating from South korea.

In South Korea the most common meal that is mostly served is soup which
Is a bit unlike other cultures. The most famous dish in korea is kimich which is known as
the best known korean food. Kimich is a sour and spicy dish made of fermented vegetables
which korean’s love to eat a lot but the most common ingredient for kimchi is cabbage.

Korean culture is only one culture and is a very unique one .
The Korean culture is influenced by the chinese and japanese cultures.
Koreans always bow to show respect to their elder ones or to people they see and  
Greet but it is mostly shown when there is an special occasion or event.

South Korea is a wonderful country maybe you should visit sometime especially
When there's K-pop concerts or tours.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

It used to be green once

this week for literacy we have been reading a book called it used to be green once.
TASK DESCRIPTION:for this task i have to answer questions
about the story and write a reveiw about how i felt about the story.

DIMC MATHS Starz or Pepsi?

Today in maths for dmic
in room 5 we have been learning and focusing on actively listening to others when representing their work.

Here is my dimc maths .

For this task i have had to work with 2 buddies to try and solve a maths

^here is my soulution^
the math problem was about Mr wiseman having to buy drinks for a garage sale, the drinks were pepsi can and starz bottles but we had to figure out which drink would produce the greastest profit when sold individually.

Travel diary: Europe

This week we have been learning to Take notes from our adventure as we explore the different continents and the continent our teacher has chose was europe.
so we have also been Learning about the romans

Also europe and what happened in the olden days.
here is my travel diary of facts and photos of and about europe
For this task i have had to write down and research some
facts and other stuff about europe and had to add/find some information
as well.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

YEAR 8 CAMP 2019

 YEAR 8 CAMP 2019
Last week on wensday the 15th of may we went to the year 8 leadership
camp which is a annual event that happens every year. the yr8 camp was held in thames at a christian valley camp and it is held so the year 8s can learn leadership and come back to school
as leaders.
First day at camp.
 as we hoped on the bus at about nine everyone was so excited for camp.
we sat in the bus for about 1 hour and a half then we arived and everyone 
hoped off the bus. 
I smiled as i smelled the fresh air outside then everyone started putting their bags
in ther cabins so i did as well.
all the activities were so fun especially when everyone participated which they did.
the activities were:low ropes , rail jiggers, paint ball , 
The groups/Team were: kauri , coromador , thames and kauweranga 
i was in kauri
My highlights
My highlights of camp was proberly nearly everything but what i most loved about camp was archery , paint ball and concert night/dancing.

Concert night is my favorite highlight because it was really fun and my group which is called kauri preformed a play about an famous princess fairtale which everyone know it was cinderella
but with a bit of GI style added to it. the part i played was the curtains that opened
and closed so i had to dance gracefully with friends. WATER GARDENMy second highlight was after camp because
 we got the opportunity to go to a water park which was pretty great until i saw ducks . The ducks scared me a bit, i thought they would bite me. LOL
What i learnt.
what i've learnt from camp was how to become a leader and to lead people
to do the right. another thing i've learnt was what we say, i learnt how to say good things but mostly to myself.

Thank you
 i'd like to say thank you to the school who helped get us there also
the people who bought stuff from our fundraisers and teachers