Tuesday, 6 November 2018


here is an old research about lady pink from 2 or 3 weeks ago
week 1 rotaions
for this weeks rotaion we went to room5
and have been learning about Lady pink

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


last week on Friday was the end of term 3 it was a bit sad because i'm year 7 with year 8 friends that are going to leave soon so i have only next term to be with them. Term 3 was really great i have learned lots of new things and gained more knowledge also met new friends but the sad thing about term 3 was when miss Tuia left  team 5 like how Mrs Salu and Mrs Sio did. I think my highlight of the term was when team 5 did an uvean dance every Friday but for only like 4 weeks that was a bit sad. Well i can't wait for term 4 and to see what happens next through my out  journey for 2K18.

thank you to all my teachers who have been teaching me through out the terms and miss tuia for
being a great maths teacher thank you i have learned so much

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

How to look after and keep your body healthy

How to look after your body
Why should we keep healthy? Does it do any good? Do we need to keep healthy? We need to keep
healthy and take care of our body’s so we can have good health and not get order to not get sick
or gain more weight is to eat more veggies , fruits and water.
A healthy diet
It’s good to keep healthy and have a healthy diet so you can think more and also so you're able
to do more things instead of gaining weight. in order to do that you could think about what you
should eat or what not to eat like eating more vegetables and fruits and the right nutrition instead of
eating all that junk food that your body really doesn’t need.
How to keep healthy
It’s good to keep healthy so you can have good health and you don’t get sick in the future and here are my 4  tips on how to keep healthy.
Tip 1 Exercise
it is good to Exercise so you can keep fit and keeping fit is being healthy the type of exercise you
could do is running or go to the gym or even yoga so you can keep fit and flexible at the same time.
Tip 2 healthy snacks
Instead of always eating junk food like chocolate for snacks you could try eating as a snack a salad
or fruits like some chopped up fruits or just a apple that's good for your health and will help actually
help feel better than your usual .
Tip 3 eating
It’s not too bad to go out sometimes and eat out but sometimes eating Fast food can really
cause damage to your body and who knows  maybe even your brain. so you could try eating
fast food like once a week .

Tip 4 drink lots and lots of water
You should drink lots and lots of water so you can keep hydrated instead of  being dehydrated
also so you can have lots of energy and be ready for the day.

So there you have it how to look after your body and how to keep healthy i hope you have
learnt something or two about how to keep healthy and look after your body. Thank you for
reading and i hoped you enjoy or enjoyed reading this.

task description: this week in writting we have been learning about how to keep healthy and what we need to do in order to keep healthy so here is my writting in how to keep healthy and how to look after your body

Fortnite writting fornite should be banned no it should have a age limit

FORTNITEImage result for banned sign
Should fortnite be banned?
Should it be banned for children under 14?

Fortnite is an extremely addictive game that should be banned but i
Think that banding fortnite is a bit to big and may even hurt  for fortnite
lovers or fans so i think that the game should have like an age limit for
like 13 and over Or 14 and over.

Why should fortnite be banned for kids under the age of 14?
There are many reasons why fortnite should be banned
But today i will only be giving you 3 reasons so here they are.
Reason 1 Fortnite is to additive
Fortnite is so addictive even parents complain about how  additive
This game is for their kids.

Reason 2
Kids aren’t getting much sleep.
Kids aren’t getting much sleep these days as they used to
Because their to busy playing fortnite late at night when they
Are supposed to sleep because like i said in reason 1 this game is
to additive.

Now last but not least reason 3
Kids education
Kids are not learning much as they used to because their not able
to focus properly on their work like i said in reason 1 and 2 this game
is to addictive and kids don’t sleep much.

So there u have my reasons why fortnite should have a age limit

Hope you enjoyed reading and thank you 4 reading it to

Task description:
last week in writting we have been writting about our thoughts about fortnite and were thinking if we should write about banding the game or not and why . here is my writting hope you enjoy or enjoyed reading it

Thursday, 20 September 2018