Friday, 15 December 2017

3D team and clay club shared lunch

yesterday at school there was a clay club and 3d team shared lunch near maker space out side in the garden. i went to the share lunch because i was in the 3D team and in clay club we had the shared lunch because it was nearly the end of the year. at the shared lunch there was pizza , water melon , rock melon , juice , tomato juice , choclate , biscits and popcorn not that much people liked the tomato juice and the rest of the food was all finished quick.

A huge thank you to Mr vogt for organizeing the shared lunch and for leting join in 3D and Clay club.

Last day of school for 2017

today was the last day of school for 2017 and school finished at 12:30 also it was the last day for me of being a year 6  all we did in class today was mostly cleaning and we got to watch a christmas movie because it is nearly christmas.
after the class was all clean we all had to sit on the big mat because Mr Goodwin give out points to the the best maths class and at the end of the term the maths class with the most points gets a prize so Mr Goodwin told us who won and it was my maths class and we got to eat ice cream ice blocks during mornig tea. after morning tea we all went inside the classroom and got our bags ready for asembly
but before we went to asembly we all got treats with little cute christmas card on them. then we put the treats in our bag and headed to the hall we watched some movies from fil festival then we sang a waiata and then we all said good bye to everyone. i said goodbye to alot of people like all my bestfriends my teachers and class mates then i went home.

a big thank you to my teachers Miss Scanlan , Miss Parent and Mr Goodwin for teaching me this year.
i wonder what class i am going to be in next year.

Merry christmas and happy new years

Merry christmas and
it is nearly christmas in like 10 days and i hope everyone have a great christmas and god bless you all.

Ho Ho Ho Merry christmas and have a happy new year everyone

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Cybersmar learners

cybersmart learners look after their chrombooks , create uniqe and strong passwords , blog to share and connect , use their chrome book torespect others

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


A big thank you to Mr Vogt we really enjoyed maker space this year
and 3D and Clay club.

Thank You

Monday, 4 December 2017

O le pepe animation

this year we have been learning about musical madness and team 4 had to use nursery rhymes in our animation for the juniors to enjoy and i chose o le pepe a samoan nursery rhyme

What does Team work look like?