Friday, 18 August 2017

Game of Awesome creative writing

Walt: Use the Game of Awesome cards as a prompt for creative writingWalt: Chunk writing into paragraphs with each paragraph being about one key idea

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Once upon a time in a land of awesomeness there was a competition . the   competition was to play the game of awesome whoever won would get a reward ,a very big reward the reward is a trip to mars in the royal space ship. A girl named hazel really wanted the reward so she entered in the competition Hazel is a tall girl she has hazel coloured eyes She 10 years old and has long black hair.
The game of Awesome was held and the kingdom of awesomeness Hazel was so excited she was running around the kingdom like a lunatic. Now the game is starting and hazel ran inside the royal kingdom of awesomeness to where the game is. Everyone who entered in the competition all got their cards they all had 6 each.

The  judge of the game was the royal wizard he had to choose a card that matched the card that he chose from the colorful cards.

Now it was time for the wizard to choose a card from the colorfull cards the card he chose was friend after that everyone had to choose one card from their six cards that they think matched the colorfull card. so Hazel chose a card the card she chose was a legendary sword cause u can give a legendary sword to friend. so now's the hard bit come time for the wizard to choose his card witch one will it be.

finally He chose his card it was Hazel's card hazel was so thrilled with joy
but she didn't win yet. Now its the second it's the last round The second round is starting and the card the wizard chose was emergency he thought it was gonna be a tricky one. But luckly Hazel had just the right card for that the card was emergency and injury. so she put her card down. Once everyone chose thier card it was finally time for the wizard to choose the card thier were alot of cards but witch card will he pick the lucky card he picked was Hazels Again. She was so happy that she ran around the kingdom again like a lunatic. the wizard took her to the royal space ship and she flew of on way to mars. TO BE CONTINUED!


  1. Cool story Hilary! I like how you used exciting words like thrilled, joy, legendary and lunatic! I also like how you linked your paragraphs. Read your story out loud to yourself and check that it makes sense. There are some places where you need full stops at the end of sentences and capital letters. Let me know when you have edited your work!
    From Miss Scanlan