Thursday, 31 August 2017


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In the holidays I went to disneyland with My family. We went to disneyland in america it was so COOL. but we only got to stay there for three days. So we had to make the most of it.My mum bought a lot of stuff from the shops in disneyland

The Internet at Disneyland was free and my sister was on snapchat taking heaps of photos and selfies.
the internet at disneyland was fast and there were alot of people at disneyland useing the wifi. we are going to go to the festival thats goona be held outside at night time. we bought glow sticks so we an see at night and also cause they look cool .

when It was time to go to the festival but my sister is staying inside cause she's cold. now we got our glow sticks so were heading outside to the disney festival
my mum told me that i have to finish off my homework first before i go. but i asked her if i can finish it tomoro and she said "ok fine with me as long as u finish it". so we all went to the disney fesival and this that my sister had to come.

The Festival was really fun but now it was time for the festival to end. so when it finished everyone was all heading back to their hotel to sleep. When it was time to wake up in the morning my sister said she wanted to go to the haunted forest here in disneyland.I wanted to go to But i forgot i told my mum that i was gonna finish my homework "oh no what am i going to do" i said to my sister. my sister said that she felt sad for me so she decided not to go. and she stayed with me while i was doing my homework.

When i finished my homework
i went with my sister to the haunted forest it was fun and thats what i did for the holidays.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Word Investigation

Walt: Use and explain several strategies for finding and learning the meaning of unknown words
Walt: Read for sustained periods independently

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Ringawera

Walt: Use and explain several strategies for finding and learning the meaning of unknown words
Walt: Read for sustained periods independently

Friday, 18 August 2017

lttle red riding hood-twist

Once upon a time far far far away in a secret and magical place where big good and little good  wolves had magic and can talk.There once was a wolf named little red riding wolf for short her name was little red .Little red would always  wear her little red hood and would always have a race in the forest.

One day little red riding wolf’s mother told little red riding wolf that grandma wolf is sick  and asked if little red riding wolf could go through the forest to grandmas house to visit grandma wolf. and drop of some meat and bones in a basket for grandma wolf and she also told little red to watch out for little bad girl.

After little red riding wolf’s mother got a basket and put meat and bones in it She called little red riding wolf to come and drop of the meat and bones that her mother put in the basket to grandma.

When little red riding wolf was walking through the forest
To go to grandmas house the little bad girl got to grandma wolf's house first .grandma wolf left the door open and the little bad girl
walked inside grandma wolf house .She locked grandma wolf up in a closet. the bad little girl tried to dress up and like grandma wolf then little red riding wolf got to grandmas house the door was wide open.

Grandma wolf are u there "Oh yes dear come in come in" said the little bad girl dressed up as grandma wolf. "OH what small teeth u have" "The Better bite with my" "oh what small eyes u have the better to see u dear" To be continued

Game of Awesome creative writing

Walt: Use the Game of Awesome cards as a prompt for creative writingWalt: Chunk writing into paragraphs with each paragraph being about one key idea

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Once upon a time in a land of awesomeness there was a competition . the   competition was to play the game of awesome whoever won would get a reward ,a very big reward the reward is a trip to mars in the royal space ship. A girl named hazel really wanted the reward so she entered in the competition Hazel is a tall girl she has hazel coloured eyes She 10 years old and has long black hair.
The game of Awesome was held and the kingdom of awesomeness Hazel was so excited she was running around the kingdom like a lunatic. Now the game is starting and hazel ran inside the royal kingdom of awesomeness to where the game is. Everyone who entered in the competition all got their cards they all had 6 each.

The  judge of the game was the royal wizard he had to choose a card that matched the card that he chose from the colorful cards.

Now it was time for the wizard to choose a card from the colorfull cards the card he chose was friend after that everyone had to choose one card from their six cards that they think matched the colorfull card. so Hazel chose a card the card she chose was a legendary sword cause u can give a legendary sword to friend. so now's the hard bit come time for the wizard to choose his card witch one will it be.

finally He chose his card it was Hazel's card hazel was so thrilled with joy
but she didn't win yet. Now its the second it's the last round The second round is starting and the card the wizard chose was emergency he thought it was gonna be a tricky one. But luckly Hazel had just the right card for that the card was emergency and injury. so she put her card down. Once everyone chose thier card it was finally time for the wizard to choose the card thier were alot of cards but witch card will he pick the lucky card he picked was Hazels Again. She was so happy that she ran around the kingdom again like a lunatic. the wizard took her to the royal space ship and she flew of on way to mars. TO BE CONTINUED!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

measuring length

Walt: Measure distance in metres and kilometres
Walt: Understand how to read decimal centimetres

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The problem with pluto

   Walt: Learn about the discovery of Pluto and why it is no longer classified as a ‘planet’.
Walt: Explain the definition of a planet

Pluto News

Walt: Learn about the discovery of Pluto and why it is no longer classified as a ‘planet’.
Walt: Explain the definition of a planet