Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Have you ever seen a tea bag on fire float up before?Have you ever seen a tea bag on fire float up At school in class before? well i have
Today in room 4 literacy we did a little sience exsperiment on a teabag with our class mate Terry
and Mrs Stone. Mrs stone and Terry had 2 empty tea bags they lit up the top of the tea bag with a lighter on a chair to be honest i was a bit scared i thought that the class was gonna burn down or even the chair but it didn't it was a relief. The 2 tea bags were lit up on fire and were floating up to the ceiling
really quicly than it just all turned into dust.the exsperiment was about 57 seconds long that was pretty short experiemt .

after that short experiement i wondered how the tea bag was able to float up it was able to float up because the air was heated up by the fire so that made energy for the Teabag to float up. It had more energy than the cold air outside it.

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