Friday, 1 July 2016

stuck in a whale short story

                         Once there was  superhero named Jake and a Gingerbread man named Jay. Jake and Jay were
best friends. Jake has black hair and Jay has
dark brown hair

on One sunny day Jay decided to go fishing with Jake at the creek in  his boat but Jake forgot to bring his fishing net Jake had to go back home and grab his fishing net.suddenly a big whale came out of
nowhere  and swallowed Jay Inside the whale it was dark and very smelly and yuck.

luckily jay brought a flashlight and his phone jay tried to call jake but he couldn’t because his phone was flat.
When jake came back to the creek he did not jay suddenly he heard someone saying help i'm stuck in a whale.It was Jay said jake to himself.

jake called out to jay to make a plan jake told jay the
plan jake’s plan was to tickle the whale so jay tickled the whale and the whale spat out  Jay up high and jay landed on his boat and suddenly out of nowhere again and  swallowed Jay Dun Dun Dun

The End