Sunday, 22 December 2019

SLJ Day 1 Activity 2: Discovering Aotearoa [4 points]

SLJ, Day 1 Activity 2: Discovering Aotearoa [4 points]

TASKDESCRIPTION: For this activity i have chosen to use google drawing to present my task. i have had to think about my own experiences and my own cultural background. i had than had to think about where my family had came from and my cultural background.


I apologise that i have not been posting lately due to a busy week.
This year i am participating in 2019-2020 summer learning and will do my best in all activities +commenting and also do my best to catch up with what other students are up to so far.
i will also be doing my best to try and post up to 2-4/5 posts a week!.
:)thank you

Monday, 16 December 2019

The journey of 2019 @ pt england

My journey through 2019 at pt england has been one hack of an roller coaster
i was in the amazing and wonderful classroom , room 4 which had incredible students and the most lovely teacher ever! , Mrs Stone.>

I enjoyed my time at ptengland but most of all was being in team 5 with other awesome students and being able to go on awesome trips with such a terrific bunch.
Sadly this year was my last year as a student at pt england and im gonna miss everyone and all my friends dearly. although i am leaving ptengland i am still able to take the ptengland way and all the knowlege i have gained as i start college next year.


 My highlight for this year is being able to walk into such an amazing school , team and class.
i enjoyed every single moment at school and everytime i walked in late to class , i would always 
walk in and think, Another day at school in an amazing class. so my highlight was just being able
to go to school with a smile then leave with a even brighter smile and more knowlege.

My Other highlight this year was learning/Genomics.
this year in class we were learning about science and genomics which we havn't learned about yet , so it was exciting to learn something new. we would always learn new things which would help us gain more knowlege about what we didn't know before. genomics was pretty intresting , but at times a little boring. Thanks to learning genomics i now know about cells , food webs , tree of life, how we are all conected and many more.

Another highlight was being able to hang out with my stiunning and astonishing friends.
i enjoyed every moment of hanging out and playing with my friends .
all of them had such different unique qualities and personality's which made them all so special and fun to hang out with.

and those are my highlights for this year.

i would like to say a huge thank you to my teacher
Mrs stone for teaching me this year and last year.
i have gained a lot of knowlege thanks to you and i have enjoyed being in your home class and literacy class ,so thank you Mrs Stone.

I would also like to say thank to Mrs Ilaoa ,
you have been a very wonderful teacher and have helped and taught me alot in maths.i enjoyed being in your maths class

another thank you to the say is for the team 5 teachers. Mrs
 Moala , Miss Tapuke , Whea Kelly , Mrs Stone and Mrs Ilaoa. thank you for being such inspiring and incredible teachers.



W1D1 SLJ DAY 1: EXPLORERS Activity 1: Setting Sail [4 points]

For this activity, i have had to create a list of ten food items that
i could take with me on a 3 week trip at sea with nainoa.
But i had to think carefully about what i will take as because
i won’t have access to a refrigerator or freezer while at sea.then i had to
explain why i would select each item.i had also created images of the food i have
chosen by using shapes.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


In room 4 we have been investigating a crime , somebody had broken in to steal
something, but somehow had been scared and decided to leave. 
At the crime scene the window had been found shattered and broken,but evidence was found. a piece of clothing was found and it had been cofirmed there was blood on it. with the help
of cctv we have now narrowed down to 4 suspects.

due to privacy ,we can not show the supects faces or name.
so they are known as suspect 1 , 2 , 3 and 4.

We had examined and tested the blood that had been found, it had been found to be A+
-The Suspects blood is A positive.

Now all we had to do was to find out the 4 suspects blood types to see which would match. And Our Blood Ivestigation had begun.
At first Suspect 1 was tested but the result was=AB+ 
then Suspect 2 , but the result was=B
Suspect 3.=A+  suspect 4=O
So the criminal was Found and our case had come to end.
The Criminal ,Suspect 3.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Organisms: smallest to largest

WALT:Place the organisms on a continuum
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i have had to put organisms from smallest to largest.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Image result for chromosome
today in rm 4 we have been learning about D.N.A. genomics
6 november wednesday 2018 week 4 term 4

How are DNA , chromosomes and genes are related.
Cell-can only be seen under a microscope because cells are so tiny.
Work like tiny factories.
Nucleus-center of the cell/brain. Nucleus-chromosome-dna
Chromosome is in the nucleus and the DNA in the chromosome.-chromosome contains D.N.A

-Chromosome-humans have 23 sets of chromosomes  .
-each chromosome contains different information

Dna- A T C G -dna is made up of 4 different bases-it also holds protein.
CG g joins with c.  TA- GC -when combined it =word

gene=chapter         codon=word - dozens,hundreds and thousands of bases
-same as a chapter-Gene = sequence of dna.

When 3 groups come together they become a word.

-groups of groups.
-a group of genes makes up our chromosomes.

-Chromosome-gene 1 /gene 2 =BOOK. 
 All chromosome=series of book
Chromosome(book series)-gene(chapter) -codon(words)-4 bases

4 Bases-A,T,C,G                                              

Sequence of genes makes chromosomes-is alsos compared to a book
TASK DESCRIPTION:For this task i have had to watch a video about DNA , chromosomes and genes.
then i had to write down some key notes.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Term 4 W2 Maths

for maths this week we have been learning how to solve diferent types of maths problems.
at first it was easy but as i went through the maths questions they were a bit diferent.
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i have had to show my working out
of how i solved the maths questions.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Cells & Organelles

For the past week rm 4 has been learning about what were inside cells.
Task description:For this task i have had to look and read websites 
to get informtion about organelles and cells. then i have put the information 
i have gained in a google drawing.

Essay: How to be a good child

How to be a good child
Are you a good son or daughter? 
To be a good child you need to be always respectful by listening , being helpful and
caring. This essay will explain to you what makes a good child.

One of the main qualities of being a good child is to Listen to your parents/caregivers.
A way to listen is to be respectful . When listening
To your parents instructions, you should always be looking at them, this will
show your parents/caregivers  that you are respectful ,obedient and responsible. 
This is one of the main ways to be a good child.

One of the best ways to be a good child is to be helpful.
Giving your parents a helping hand shows them that you
Are responsible by showing them you are able to handle following
important instructions. A way to be helpful is to do things without being asked,for
example, doing things such as cleaning up or looking after siblings which shows them
you are thoughtful and trustworthy.
That is one of the best ways to be a good child.

Caring .
Another way to be a good child is to be caring.
Taking care of your parent shows them that you are caring.
A way to be careful is to look after them when they are sick by doing 
cleaning up around the house or looking after siblings when your parents are busy
, this will show them you appreciate them.
This is another good way to be a good child.

In conclusion, a good child is always listening actively , helpful and caring.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Week 4 ,DMICS , perimeter and area

Week 4 ,DMICS
This week 4 DMIC we have 
been learning about perimeter and area.
we have had to get into pairs and i was paired with petesa 

For this Task we have had to figure out a math
question about area and perimeter

The maths question was about a field and we had to figure the legth of the sides by using area
and perimeter , but we had to make sure both answers were the same.

At first we started with a high number but the numbers weren't the same so we decided to make the numbers lower .
as the numbers got lower it got easer . we had to try about 3 times , but then we finally got and
in the end it turned out more easier then we exspected,so we were the first to get the anwser.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


Today in music class we have been learning about guitar tab . we have also been learning how to
play the guitar by using guitar tab.
1.)What is guitar tablature?
guitar tablature ,also known as tab is a form of writing down music 
For guitar which includes numbers.

2.)How many strings on a standard acoustic guitar?
 There are 4 strings

3.)Name the strings from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch.
 E,A,D,G,B and e

4.)What do the 6 lines of guitar tab represent? The six strings of the guitar

5.)What do the numbers represent?which fret of a string needs to be played.

6.)What is a riff? A short repeated song in jazz of popular music. It

Is typically used as an introduction or refrain in a song.

Task Description:For this task i have had to awnser questions based
from what we have just learnt about guitar tab, after that i have had
to try and play a song bu using guitar tab.

Friday, 26 July 2019

T3W2 What is Perimeter?

Today we have been learning how to find the perimeter in maths.
Task Description:For this task i have had to watch a video about what a perimeter is and explain/write down what i have learnt from that video. after that i have had to awnser perimeter maths questions and design shapes for the object in the question.

The Tree of life

The Tree of life.
This is the tree of life.
we have have been learning about the tree of life and charles darwin who was a  English naturalist.we have have also learnt that in 1835 charles discoverd that all living things are conected. 

Animals have been changing and forming
into different animals for millions of years
so they can survive.

At the bottom of the tree are one of the first animals on earth.

' Task Description: for this task i have had to glue on the
correct animals on the tree of life and i have also had to type down what i have 

Monday, 22 July 2019

SCIENCE=what i already know about science

Today we have been thinking of what comes to our minds when thinking of science.
heres what i came up with.

What comes to your mind when thinking of science?                               
here is a word cloud of the words that i used to describe what i thought about science 

TASK DESCRIPTION:For this task i have had to brainstorm and write down some ideas of what i think about science.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Scratch Project


welcome today we will be looking at countries , conienents and different parts of the world.
we will also be looking at the world map.  Note: to play it just press the green flag.
this term's inquiry is i like you ladtitude so we have we focusing on looking at diferent countries and continents and also finding the logitude coordinates.

Friday, 28 June 2019

T2W9 - Fractions, decimals and percentages

This week we have been learning and focusing on Fractions, decimals and percentages
TASKDESCRIPTION:for this task we had to awnser and figure out word problems about fractions , percentages and decimals.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Asian food=korea and thailand

This week in rm4 we are learning about asia so today we are tasting food from asia.
the food we are tasting today is : first kimchi and second is pad thai.

kimchi is a common and well known korean side dish and it was orginally originated  in korea.
 it is also pickled cabbage and has spicy , salty , sweet and ginger flavory taste.
Kimchi is a ligt bright orange and red colour.  

Pad Thai
pad thai is a well known thai land dish. it is a stir fried rice noodle dish and is 
commonly served as a street food or at most restaurants in thailand.
the pad thai tastes alot like fried rice and tastes like noodles at the same time.

asia food is so yum and tasty maybe you should try!

Friday, 21 June 2019

maori dictionary.

This week and last for te reo we have been learning about the maori culture
by reading a maori dictionary.
Task description: For this Task i have had to buddy up with some friends and make a small presentaion about the maori dictionary. we have had to put down maori words then translate
them to english. the words we have used were about the seasons , months and days of the week.
i did the seasons.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Argentina Empanadas

Argentina Empanadas -south america-Agentina
today in Rm 4 for inquiry we have been leanrning about south america.
we have are also trying Empanadas. Empanadas are an traditional dish from argentina.

Argentina Empanadas
the Empanada has a triangular shape and the outside of it has a goldeness & Ochre texture. 
it also has an crispy look but also looked like a dumpling.
the smell of it is a bit similar to a freshly baked sausage bun or a bakery pie and it also has a meaty and spicy scent. when i took a bite i could taste tomatoes and rasins. the flavor had a little spice which was nice and the pastery tasted like the smell. the flavor also had  a bit of a spanish taste because the spanish colonized. 

maybe you should have a try of Empanadas .
Adios .

Friday, 7 June 2019

T2W5/6 Multi-choice word problems

T2W5/6 Multi-choice word problems
this week for maths we have been learning about maths but in
word problems. TASKDESCRIPTION:for this task i have had to read the questions 
care fully and once it's read i have to try and figure it out

Travel diary:north america

This week for inquiry we have
Been learning about north america and what languages

Were spoken there.

Task description: for this task i have had to put 2 intresting
facts about north america and choose a country from north america to make
a short summary about it.

information report about South korea

South korea 대한민국
South korea is the country that is south of korea and is east of the continent  asia.
The capital of korea is seoul and population is 51.47 million. The currency is south
korean won.

Music in Korea is well known as Kpop which is short for korean pop and has
been trending ever since the early 2000’s worldwide.
Kpop music is very important and popular in Korea it is a music genre full
Of rock , R&B , Hip Hop , pop and electronic music originating from South korea.

In South Korea the most common meal that is mostly served is soup which
Is a bit unlike other cultures. The most famous dish in korea is kimich which is known as
the best known korean food. Kimich is a sour and spicy dish made of fermented vegetables
which korean’s love to eat a lot but the most common ingredient for kimchi is cabbage.

Korean culture is only one culture and is a very unique one .
The Korean culture is influenced by the chinese and japanese cultures.
Koreans always bow to show respect to their elder ones or to people they see and  
Greet but it is mostly shown when there is an special occasion or event.

South Korea is a wonderful country maybe you should visit sometime especially
When there's K-pop concerts or tours.