Monday, 22 July 2019

SCIENCE=what i already know about science

Today we have been thinking of what comes to our minds when thinking of science.
heres what i came up with.

What comes to your mind when thinking of science?                               
here is a word cloud of the words that i used to describe what i thought about science 

TASK DESCRIPTION:For this task i have had to brainstorm and write down some ideas of what i think about science.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Scratch Project


welcome today we will be looking at countries , conienents and different parts of the world.
we will also be looking at the world map.  Note: to play it just press the green flag.
this term's inquiry is i like you ladtitude so we have we focusing on looking at diferent countries and continents and also finding the logitude coordinates.

Friday, 28 June 2019

T2W9 - Fractions, decimals and percentages

This week we have been learning and focusing on Fractions, decimals and percentages
TASKDESCRIPTION:for this task we had to awnser and figure out word problems about fractions , percentages and decimals.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Asia food=korea and thailand

This week in rm4 we are learning about asia so today we are tasting asia food.
the food we are tasting today is : first kimich and second is pad thai.

kimich is a common and well known korean side dish and it was orginally originated  in korea.
 it is also pickled cabbage and has spicy , salty , sweet and ginger flavory taste.
Kimchi is a ligt bright orange and red colour.  

Pad Thai
pad thai is a well known thai land dish. it is a stir fried rice noodle dish and is 
commonly served as a street food or at most restaurants in thailand.
the pad thai tastes alot like fried rice and tastes like noodles at the same time.

asia food is so yum and tasty maybe you should try!

Friday, 21 June 2019

maori dictionary.

This week and last for te reo we have been learning about the maori culture
by reading a maori dictionary.
Task description: For this Task i have had to buddy up with some friends and make a small presentaion about the maori dictionary. we have had to put down maori words then translate
them to english. the words we have used were about the seasons , months and days of the week.
i did the seasons.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Argentina Empanadas

Argentina Empanadas -south america-Agentina
today in Rm 4 for inquiry we have been leanrning about south america.
we have are also trying Empanadas. Empanadas are an traditional dish from argentina.

Argentina Empanadas
the Empanada has a triangular shape and the outside of it has a goldeness & Ochre texture. 
it also has an crispy look but also looked like a dumpling.
the smell of it is a bit similar to a freshly baked sausage bun or a bakery pie and it also has a meaty and spicy scent. when i took a bite i could taste tomatoes and rasins. the flavor had a little spice which was nice and the pastery tasted like the smell. the flavor also had  a bit of a spanish taste because the spanish colonized. 

maybe you should have a try of Empanadas .
Adios .

Friday, 7 June 2019

T2W5/6 Multi-choice word problems

T2W5/6 Multi-choice word problems
this week for maths we have been learning about maths but in
word problems. TASKDESCRIPTION:for this task i have had to read the questions 
care fully and once it's read i have to try and figure it out

Travel diary:north america

This week for inquiry we have
Been learning about north america and what languages

Were spoken there.

Task description: for this task i have had to put 2 intresting
facts about north america and choose a country from north america to make
a short summary about it.

information report about South korea

South korea 대한민국
South korea is the country that is south of korea and is east of the continent  asia.
The capital of korea is seoul and population is 51.47 million. The currency is south
korean won.

Music in Korea is well known as Kpop which is short for korean pop and has
been trending ever since the early 2000’s worldwide.
Kpop music is very important and popular in Korea it is a music genre full
Of rock , R&B , Hip Hop , pop and electronic music originating from South korea.

In South Korea the most common meal that is mostly served is soup which
Is a bit unlike other cultures. The most famous dish in korea is kimich which is known as
the best known korean food. Kimich is a sour and spicy dish made of fermented vegetables
which korean’s love to eat a lot but the most common ingredient for kimchi is cabbage.

Korean culture is only one culture and is a very unique one .
The Korean culture is influenced by the chinese and japanese cultures.
Koreans always bow to show respect to their elder ones or to people they see and  
Greet but it is mostly shown when there is an special occasion or event.

South Korea is a wonderful country maybe you should visit sometime especially
When there's K-pop concerts or tours.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

It used to be green once

this week for literacy we have been reading a book called it used to be green once.
TASK DESCRIPTION:for this task i have to answer questions
about the story and write a reveiw about how i felt about the story.

DIMC MATHS Starz or Pepsi?

Today in maths for dmic
in room 5 we have been learning and focusing on actively listening to others when representing their work.

Here is my dimc maths .

For this task i have had to work with 2 buddies to try and solve a maths

^here is my soulution^
the math problem was about Mr wiseman having to buy drinks for a garage sale, the drinks were pepsi can and starz bottles but we had to figure out which drink would produce the greastest profit when sold individually.

Travel diary: Europe

This week we have been learning to Take notes from our adventure as we explore the different continents and the continent our teacher has chose was europe.
so we have also been Learning about the romans

Also europe and what happened in the olden days.
here is my travel diary of facts and photos of and about europe
For this task i have had to write down and research some
facts and other stuff about europe and had to add/find some information
as well.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

YEAR 8 CAMP 2019

 YEAR 8 CAMP 2019
Last week on wensday the 15th of may we went to the year 8 leadership
camp which is a annual event that happens every year. the yr8 camp was held in thames at a christian valley camp and it is held so the year 8s can learn leadership and come back to school
as leaders.
First day at camp.
 as we hoped on the bus at about nine everyone was so excited for camp.
we sat in the bus for about 1 hour and a half then we arived and everyone 
hoped off the bus. 
I smiled as i smelled the fresh air outside then everyone started putting their bags
in ther cabins so i did as well.
all the activities were so fun especially when everyone participated which they did.
the activities were:low ropes , rail jiggers, paint ball , 
The groups/Team were: kauri , coromador , thames and kauweranga 
i was in kauri
My highlights
My highlights of camp was proberly nearly everything but what i most loved about camp was archery , paint ball and concert night/dancing.

Concert night is my favorite highlight because it was really fun and my group which is called kauri preformed a play about an famous princess fairtale which everyone know it was cinderella
but with a bit of GI style added to it. the part i played was the curtains that opened
and closed so i had to dance gracefully with friends. WATER GARDENMy second highlight was after camp because
 we got the opportunity to go to a water park which was pretty great until i saw ducks . The ducks scared me a bit, i thought they would bite me. LOL
What i learnt.
what i've learnt from camp was how to become a leader and to lead people
to do the right. another thing i've learnt was what we say, i learnt how to say good things but mostly to myself.

Thank you
 i'd like to say thank you to the school who helped get us there also
the people who bought stuff from our fundraisers and teachers

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 muffins muffins
Chocolate Muffins
Today in tech we have been learning to make chocolate muffins.
Here ingredients we have used in order  S R Flower  ,cocoa  , sugar , milk , oil ,and 1 egg.
what we did first was put in the ingredients 1 1/2 of Flower   ,1/3 cup of cocoa  , 1/2 of sugar , 1/2 cup of milk , 1/2 c of oil ,and 1 egg.
Once all the ingredients were in order in the bowl we then had to mix well and Once mixed add
it to the muffin tin with a spoon and made 12 muffins Once that was all done we than had to put it in the oven and cooked it for about 15 minutes at 180oC.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

COTTAGE PIE. Tech. Cooking

                         COTTAGE PIE

Our ingrediants were. potato, mince , garlic ,ginger , vegatables
, chesse , onions , oil  

Cottage pie.
Today for tech we have been learning how to
make cottage pie.
Our steps to making it was:

Step1: peet the potato then boil till soft.
after soft mash it with masher.
Step 2 :fry mince with vegatable/sliced up onions and add sauce.
Step 3 : put into the foil tins. top up with cheese
Step 4:put mash potato on top then bake for 15mins a

Friday, 3 May 2019

Inquiry: I like your laditude: map

This term our inquiry topic is I like your laditude.We have been learning about the compass directions and have been also learning about the directions on maps.we had a look at the NZ map then we compared diferent places with using the compass directions.

An example is Auckland is in the north island
of newzealand .
another example is that welington is the 
capital of NZ which is where the beehive is 
and it is at the bottom of the north island so it
near the south.

WALT:use compass directions to describe the location

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Potato salad with ham. cooking at tech

Cooking at tech.
Today at tech we have been learning how to make potato salad.
the ingrediants we used were potatoes , ham , egg , mayonaise sauce and carrot

first we peeled the potatoes then we slice and diced it into squares.
onced the potatoes were slice we put it with the eggs in the pot to boil.
our next step was to peel carrots and grate it with the cheese grater.

after that was done we have had to put the grated carrot in to a bowl
then slice and dice the ham and add to . we also added mayonaise.

we mixed it up in the bowl then peeled the eggs and added it with the chopped cooked
potatoes into the bowl and from there we stared to mix more until it was finished.

Monday, 29 April 2019

A Narrative

What makes a narrative

   Today in literacy we have been learning
what makes a good narrative and what a narrative really is.

We got spit into our literacy groups
and had to write down on small pentagons
thoughts and ideas about narratives.

We are learning how to follow the structure of a narrative and understand what makes a narrative. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


This week for literacy we have been learning about identity and how some people try and hide their self like wearing a mask. Most people think they know how others personality are like just by looking at them but actually people really don't know others that well only if they get to know that person.

This represents how people think about me. Most people would think i'm really shy, while some people think i'm really girly and all about pink! But actually if you get to know me i'm hardly any of those things! Because i'm quiet it takes a bit of time to know who I really am.  
On the inside of my mask I have included the aspects of my personality that the people who are close to me would know.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Cooking at tech wk10 lasagna!

Today for tech we have been learning to make Lasagna. YUM!

first we fried the onions till it soft then added
mince. once the mice was cooked we added tomato sauce
and stared to mix it up.

the next step was to add some mince to the tin than
add cheese and pasta sauce. we repeated this step twice!

once that was done we put it into the oven on 200
and in a few minutes later it was ready!

 oil-frying pan,Onion , Mince , garlic/ginger, tomato sauce and cheddar and mozzarella cheese

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

The Trial

The Trial
This week for literacy we have been reading a book called the trial.
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i have had to answer some questions
about the book i have just finished reading. after that i have had to act out with my
group what we were just reading.

Friday, 29 March 2019

MATHS shopping and change

this week for maths we have been learning how to solve maths problems
about money and decimals numbers

Task despcription:for this task  i had to work with a friend. we had to choose who
would be the shop owner and who would be the customer.than we had to anwser some questions
like for example lets say i bought three things at the shop i have to add i up to see how much it cost and the shop owner has to think how much my change is.

Rise up

This for literacy rm 4 have been reading and learning about a book called rise up it was about
the dawn raids that happened in the 1950s and also we have been reading a poem called brave flower
that also was about the same thing.
Task description: for this task i have had to read rise up a book about polynesian panthers
and the dawn raids then i hae had to answer the questions once that was done have had to
read poem similar to the book then ansewr questions again

Attitude Talk

Have you ever had an attiude talk before?
well today Team 5 had an attitude talk from an kind lady who came last year named
janah. the talk was about freindships and how people should treat eachother
nicely if they wanted more friends. Janah taught and told us alot of things about
friendships but most of the talk was about being really positive , nice and to be our selves.

We also learnt about guys being friends with guys and how diferent it is to girls being friends
with girls.the diference between the girls and boys is that girls actually talk more than boys,
girls talk like 12,000 words a day while boys talk about 6000 words a day. Wow thats
alot right i knew girls talk alot but i didn't they talked that much!

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

sweet and sour pork! Tech cooking

sweet and sour pork with rice!
 This week for tech in cooking class
with miss tuipulotu we have been learning
how to make sweet and sour pork.
we have also been learning how to slice and
dice vegatables and also how to slice meat into strips. the vegatables we used were carrots , capsican , broccoli and cabbage .

For our first step we had to
do was to slice the onion than fry it with oil on the frying pan.than we have had to chop and slice up the vegatables and add it to the frying pan once the onion was soft.once that was all done we have had to slice the meat into strips, add it to the frying pan than mix it with the vegtables. now all we had to do was add sauce and rice that miss tiupulotu kindly gave us.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Poems W7Colours

Week 7 T1 poem subject:Colours

for this task i have had to
create short poems about colours
and what the colour could represent.

This week rm 4 literacy have been focusing and learning about poems and how to write them.we have been focusing on how to write
poems about colours. here is mine

Colours , A beautiful glowing cheerful rainbow.

Blue, a glistering gleaming sapphire as bright as heaven.
blue , the bright luminous sky.
Pink , a girls gleaming shiny glossy lip gloss.
Red , Ruby's as red and roses and roses as scarlet as blood.
Red , bright red blooming cherries as rosy as rose’s.
Orange , a fiery blazing glow to fire.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest schools day 2k19

Polyfest schools day is a really great pasifika event especially for schools ,it is a great
Event where schools can have fun , learn and share more about their amazing cultures.
On wednesday 13th of march our senior school got the great opportunity to attend polyfest
Schools day and luckily everyone was at school on time for the the bus arrived at polyfest
Team 5 was excited nearly everyone wouldn’t stop talking when they got off the bus.while everyone was hopping off the bus they all had to get in a line and were handed wrist bands
So people knew that we didn’t sneak in then they all went in polyfest but in groups they were put in at school.

When we got into polyfest we did fun activities but most of them included dancing which was still fun.  After we finished doing the fun activities it was time for the teacher to see where we would go next so we went To the kapa haka stage . seeing all the kapa haka performances from colleges was really fun but sadly we had to leave the kapa haka stage after Otahuhu college so we can meet up with the other groups and from there team all got put into small groups.i was in
My teacher’s group with my friends so i was pretty lucky.

My Highlights
Polyfest was really fun but My highlights of the trip was actually I think The silent disco , going around the stalls and learning with my group.
The Silent disco
I liked the silent disco it was kind of one of my favorites because we got to wear
Earphones while dancing but what i disliked about it was the songs that have been
Playing because it kind of rude for kids.
Walking around the Stalls
Walking the stalls was really my most favorite highlight especially the food stalls.
My group got to learn lots of things about the navy and the army we also
Got to go to the food stalls and buy delicious food. But my teacher was so kind and generous
She even bought our whole group ice cream which was really kind of her to do.

Last but not least Learning
I really hoped everyone learnt lots of things about polyfest.
It was really interesting learning at polyfest. Team 5 got to learn heaps of things
Like about the election , auckland university of technology , being fire safe/smart ,
Learning to dance and learning to dance like in hawaii .

So really Polyfest is really a great event everyone should attend and especially with their
Own classroom.

Would you go to Polyfest schools day?

Friday, 8 March 2019


this term in inqiury we have been learning about culture and what we would do in the future
this is my career malaga


summary of hushed:A boy named tre moved into a new place. He was transferred from region G and
went to a new school. He got put into a new class and had to seat next to these mean
Girls. They asked him about his old place and why he moved. Then he got in trouble
For building a boat because he had to build a tower instead  so he moved to another table because they weren’t treating him nicely. But there was something about that

Person he was sitting with. So then the teacher came broke up his little bricks and spelt the word RUN!

TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i have had to make a comic strip of a summary of hushed after i have finished my other hushed task.

Thursday, 7 March 2019


this week in literacy in rm 4 we have been reading 2 books 1 is called
Hushed and the other is HARRISON BERGERON.
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i have had to read a book.
after i have read the book i have had to answer some question my
teacher has made about what i just finished reading on a presentation.
here it is

Friday, 22 February 2019

Great barrier island happy new years Create Task

room 4 literacy have been learning about the great barrier island
and why it has a fire ban.
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i had to read an story about what
happened in 2013 on great barrier island and why the fire ban exists.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


for this task i had to Create a comic strip/ speech bubbles to illustrate some of the conversations that Jem has with other characters in the book like what questions they might ask her?

Something alive

something alive
this week for literacy we have been reading a book called something
alive it is about a japanese girl called jem who was born in NZ but she didn't know that
much about her culture.
Task description: for this task we had to read a book called something alive. we had
to make up our own questions from the book and answer them 
then we had to clarify words we didn't know and predict.

Friday, 15 February 2019

T1W2 Problem Solving

WALT: Solve whole unknown problems using multiplication/division strategies. this week in maths we have been learning to Solve whole unknown problems using multiplication/division strategies. For this task we have had to use our maths strategies like subtractions to solve problems with money


This week in Literacy class we have been learning about how we can learn or work better in class and also have been learning things and words that connect to learning.
TASK DESCRIPTION: for this task i had to go to a website named Cloud and 
i had to make a word cloud. For my word cloud i had to type in words that are connected to
school and learning.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Tech. Cooking Pancakes. CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!

Today for Tech my group was put in cooking. we were learning how to make chocolate chip pancakes.
we had to be in a group of 2 people and i was with my best friend pilinilose
it was quite fun making pancakes we learnt lessons and mistakes.
the mistake and lesson i've have learned today was to always watch carefully and put enough flower
in the mixing bowl. my other lesson/mistake was to always watch pilinilose when she is puting in the flower or sugar in the bowl and especialy when it's time to put in the mixture on the pan or flip the pancake.

Task descrption:
today for tech in cooking me and my friend plus class mates have been learning how to make 
chocolate chip pancakes and how to clean up the kithen after that we had to make a blog post 
of the pancakes we made and write what mistakes we have learned today.

Friday, 8 February 2019


Walt: we are learning to have a positive digital footprint

Malo e lelei , Kia ora , Aloha , kamusta , Hola , greetings to all and welcome to my blog! My name is Hilary and I am a year 8 student in room 4, team 5 at Pt England School. My wonderful teachers for this year are Mrs Stone, Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Moala, Mrs Ilaoa and Ms Tapuke. My favorite colours are blue and gold and my favorite subjects are all my subjects i have for class and I also love to draw. My favorite sport is tennis. Hope you enjoy my blog and please leave a comment. :-)

Saturday, 26 January 2019


Image result for sad faces emojiImage result for Happy emoji thumbs up

hello everyone unfortunately i have began to END my blogging because school is about to start so i have had to get my stuff for school. i'd like to say a BIG thanks to the SLJ Team , Raechel and those amazing who have been visiting my blog and commenting THANK YOU.
I'd also like to say a shout out to raechel and her SLJ team for their hard work on the 
SLJ website THANKS i have enjoyed every second of it. I have had tons of fun and gained more knolenge thank to raechel and her team


today i have been working on a SLJ thanks card , a thanks card 4 everyong blog visiter including you and final post of me summarizing how i enjoyed and loved SLJ.