Thursday, 31 August 2017


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In the holidays I went to disneyland with My family. We went to disneyland in america it was so COOL. but we only got to stay there for three days. So we had to make the most of it.My mum bought a lot of stuff from the shops in disneyland

The Internet at Disneyland was free and my sister was on snapchat taking heaps of photos and selfies.
the internet at disneyland was fast and there were alot of people at disneyland useing the wifi. we are going to go to the festival thats goona be held outside at night time. we bought glow sticks so we an see at night and also cause they look cool .

when It was time to go to the festival but my sister is staying inside cause she's cold. now we got our glow sticks so were heading outside to the disney festival
my mum told me that i have to finish off my homework first before i go. but i asked her if i can finish it tomoro and she said "ok fine with me as long as u finish it". so we all went to the disney fesival and this that my sister had to come.

The Festival was really fun but now it was time for the festival to end. so when it finished everyone was all heading back to their hotel to sleep. When it was time to wake up in the morning my sister said she wanted to go to the haunted forest here in disneyland.I wanted to go to But i forgot i told my mum that i was gonna finish my homework "oh no what am i going to do" i said to my sister. my sister said that she felt sad for me so she decided not to go. and she stayed with me while i was doing my homework.

When i finished my homework
i went with my sister to the haunted forest it was fun and thats what i did for the holidays.

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