Friday, 18 August 2017

lttle red riding hood-twist

Once upon a time far far far away in a secret and magical place where big good and little good  wolves had magic and can talk.There once was a wolf named little red riding wolf for short her name was little red .Little red would always  wear her little red hood and would always have a race in the forest.

One day little red riding wolf’s mother told little red riding wolf that grandma wolf is sick  and asked if little red riding wolf could go through the forest to grandmas house to visit grandma wolf. and drop of some meat and bones in a basket for grandma wolf and she also told little red to watch out for little bad girl.

After little red riding wolf’s mother got a basket and put meat and bones in it She called little red riding wolf to come and drop of the meat and bones that her mother put in the basket to grandma.

When little red riding wolf was walking through the forest
To go to grandmas house the little bad girl got to grandma wolf's house first .grandma wolf left the door open and the little bad girl
walked inside grandma wolf house .She locked grandma wolf up in a closet. the bad little girl tried to dress up and like grandma wolf then little red riding wolf got to grandmas house the door was wide open.

Grandma wolf are u there "Oh yes dear come in come in" said the little bad girl dressed up as grandma wolf. "OH what small teeth u have" "The Better bite with my" "oh what small eyes u have the better to see u dear" To be continued

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  1. Nice story Hilary! That's an twist to Little Red Riding Hood. Ooh what happened next?