Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude presentation

do you know what animal you are?
what animal brings out your personality and attitude
you can be a otter , lion , golden retriever and bever
if you want to know what animal u r u can do the attitude personality test
when i did the attitude personality test i was an otter.

Golden retriever:is always caring , is an peacemaker
and can’t say no because they are so kind

Otter: an funny / class clown and entertainer otters
can get bored easily and they don’t take anything seriously.

Lion: director are leaders , alway have everything
their way and can be bossy

Bever: are Facilitator positive beavers are
always focused on work and always get it finished.
bever’s mostly never have enough time to have fun
because they are always busy on their homework

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