Monday, 19 February 2018

Why you need to save up money and how you can save up money

task description:today room 4 has been learning and writting about why we save up money and howWALT: follow the structure of an explanation

You need to save up money to prepare for the future also to pay for things like bills and

You can save up money by going to pak n save and don’t waste money on buying
things you don’t need just buy the things you need and look for good deals.
You can also save up money by having a garage sale and selling stuff you don’t need
anymore instead of throwing it out .also You can do chores around the house to earn money  don’t waste
money on little toys and junk.Keep all of your money together in a piggy bank or a
savings account at the bank If you put money in a savings account the bank give you
interest - it’s not much but it is money and that is why you need to save money and that’s
how you can save up money.

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