Friday, 17 November 2017

Manaiakalani 2017

On Wednesday 8th of november we had an Annual Film Festival at sylvia park in the event cinemas. The film festival is for all manaiakalani schools.

The manaiakalani Film festival is one of my Favorite annual event we have every year. The Film festival is
About making cool film’s and watching it with everyone.

we had to go with the seniors after all the juniors go because if we watched the whole school’s videos we be there for hours that's is why we all go separately .

When the juniors got back we went into the busses and went to the event cinemas to watch the senior films and ours.

When we got there we had to walk responsibly because there were a lot of people there because we went to the event cinemas at sylvia park then we got to go up to the event cinemas.

We got inside the cinemas and finally got to watch the films but we had to watch them with saint patrick's school. My favorite film was ask your aunty and our class film was burger ring boy when we finished we went outside and waited for the bus. Then the bus arrived , We all went in the bus back to school and we started eating lunch then all of us got comment on the cool awesome manaiakalani films.

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