Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day 2: The Roaring 20’s (The 1920s)

Day 2: The Roaring 20’s (The 1920s)

Activity 1: Popular Culture – c
The 1920s saw a massive surge in the number of people going to the movies. Huge new cinemas were built in both Auckland (The Civic Theatre) and Dunedin (Empire De Luxe).  The most popular type of movies showing at local NZ cinemas were ‘silent’ films. Gold Rush is an example of an iconic silent film. It features a famous actor named Charlie Chaplin.

Watch the trailer for Gold Rush. On your blog, tell us what you think the movie is about. There are no words spoken movie so you will need to pay careful attention to what the actors are doing! Do you think you would enjoy watching a silent film? Why/Why not?

i wasn't able to watch the trailer of gold rush but i think it would of been a great trailer.
so since i wasn't able to watch the trailer i searched it up on google and here is what i found about the movie gold rush. it is a classic comedy about the little tramp (charlie caplin) who went north to join in the Klondike gold rushTrapped in a small cabin by a blizzard.

to be honest i think i woulden't enjoy a silent movie because people don't talk and i'm used to hearing people talk in movies and also because it would be kind of weird for me.

Activity 2: Art Deco
In the 1920s a new artistic movement emerged in New Zealand (and around the world). It was called ‘Art Deco.’ The picture to the right is a classic example of an ‘Art Deco’ piece. Take a close look at the painting. Do you like it?

On your blog, give the painting a rating out of 5 stars (1 star = terrible painting, 2 stars = pretty bad painting, 3 stars = okay painting, 4 stars = good painting and 5 stars = amazing painting). After you’ve rated the painting out of 5, tell us why you gave it that rating.

Right: Self Portrait By Tamara de Lempicka

5 out of 5 stars>
I gave this painting 5 stars rating because i think it is pretty good and i like how shes painted in a car. also because it has fine detail,it is really outstanding with the details , the lady look beautifull and everything thing in this painting is amazing. i think this painting is outstandng and beautifull.


  1. Hey Hilary, great to be blogging with you again. Thanks for completing more activities - it's great to see.

    You have come up with some great ideas and given the painting lots of compliments.

    Is there anything about the painting you don't like?

    I like her red lipstick, I think it stands out against the other colours the artist has used.

    The light on the side of the car is cool too.

    Thanks, blog soon. Billy

  2. Hey Hilary, I like the way you did some research to find more about the film since you weren't able to view the trailer. Clever thinking!

    I have to agree you, I am not sure I would enjoy a silent film either. Nowadays you get so used to watching movies with people speaking and incredible sound effects.

    What are some of your favourite movies?