Thursday, 10 December 2015

museum trip

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On Friday Rm12 and 11 went on a trip to the Auckland museum to learn about dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils.when we were in the bus we were singing songs  When we got to the museum we had to walk quietly because there were a lot of people at the museum. Then we went to sit down and our teachers  gave us little books that she made for us to search for things in the museum.

First we went eating room to eat then we  
started to search for things that our in our books in the museum. The first room we went to had lots of stuff in it and we had to count how many shoes were in the glass . The next room we went to was wild child and there were a lot of toys we had to count how many
glass boxes with candy in it  then we had to think what the time was on the clock and it was 7 o'clock after that we had to look inside the tree house and try and find a animal.The third room we went to was where the maori things were we had to count how many people were on the island in the big glass box after that we saw people performing then we got to see the dinosaur fossils  we saw a t rex fossil than we got to see a brachiosaurus fossil it was so fun after that we went to see the volcanoes and there was a big fake volcano it kind of looked real. the last room we went to was a classroom and we were learning about dinosaur fossil and dinosaurs we got to hold a  fossil of  T rex hand a triceratops egg and three people in our class was play fossil or not.After that we went outside and ate our lunch and we got to feed the birds and go play then we walked  a hill and slide and roll down it then we walked to the bs and went back to school

My favorite part at the Auckland museum was rolling down the hill and
going to see the dinosaur fossil and going to the volcanoes because it was so cool and fun

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